Lewd Woman and the Fasting Girl

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On the 18th of February I attended a work in progress showing by 2TimesTheatre as part of Make It SO Season at NST City Space. They showed two pieces of new writing.

The first was The Fasting Girl, a story about a girl who isn’t eating or talking apart from telling random stories about fairies and elves. It was very much focused on the environmental crisis and was a clever concept. I felt that the writing could have been improved. The mother daughter relationship felt stilted and stereotypical. However this can be fixed with development in rehearsals if the writer is willing to adapt the script.

The second was the Lewd Women and Female Felons. This was a play about the fallen women who were imprisoned while pregnant and with their new born babies in Winchester prison. I loved the concept of this piece but I had some issue with the mechanisms used to tell the stories of these women. Although I enjoyed the use of the magistrate characters to expose the opinions of the time; I didn’t like how they were used to tell the women’s stories. I felt that the playwright missed a trick by not delving in to the experiences of the woman by only having a male character read out their cases.

These are brilliant concepts, I look forward to seeing them fleshed out and developed in the future.

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