So, this is for you: R&D October/November 2019

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So, this is for you is a performance about Porn. I have been researching the politics that surrounds Porn for a couple of months now and I’m aware of how complicated this topic is to tackle.

In this post I want to share some of the work in progress images, sound bites and videos that we recorded during an R&D process in October/November 2019.

Blush blush: This is a song written and composed during our R&D period in October/November 2019.

Blush blush is a catchy song that was composed and written during our R&D process. We realised that song and music would be important elements of the piece, due to how they raised the tone, energy and atmosphere after a darker monologue or movement sequence.

So, this is for you: This is one of the Monologues we recorded during our R&D period in October/November 2019.

The ‘So, this is for you’ monologue was the final moment of our R&D performance that we previewed at the University of Winchester in early November. Having this monologue at the end of the piece was powerful but clearly anti-Porn. The audience members did not respond well to this. At this point in the project I was the only responsible for producing, I have now taken on the role of director and plan on exploring how best to include this important monologue in the performance while not ostracising the audience.

We also began to develop branding and logo ideas for the company. We realised that we wanted to create Theatre that explored important topics that were relevant to us as young people. We settled on the name Blasé Theatre. We thought that this name would encourage us to create poignant theatre that is never blasé or apathetic.

We began to devise movement, here is an example of a movement piece that we created.

We are currently focusing on research but are hoping to begin running workshops with 18-25 year olds in September.

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