The start of something

Published by Cara Honey on

So… its been a really busy couple of weeks starting my new role as Graduate project leader and director of 200 Years of Autumn. Its always nerve raking starting a new job but the University of Winchester has been so welcoming. As have our project partners, Play to the Crowd, Hampshire Writers Society and Hampshire Cultural trust.

Networking is key:


  • Research, look them up on google see what projects they have worked on before, find out from other people in the office what they are like, what makes them tick.
  • Sell yourself, and your project. Be clear about what you want to gain from the meeting and be honest if you are unsure about the projects direction.
  • Be memorable (for the right reasons). Kindness is the trick here, show them that your interested in the other projects they are working on or what they did at the weekend. Take the time to see them as a person before you talk to them as a stage hand, performer, funder or venue manager. Oh and wear something flamboyant!
  • Be punctual. Punctuality shows that you can manage your time, this means that you can manage a diary and a todo list which shows that you can manage a project, people want to know that they are in safe hands.


  • Don’t confuse the names.
  • Don’t meet loads of new people within the space of Two days for important meetings.
  • Don’t rush yourself you’ll get to grips with it sooner than you think!

So that my little nugget of wisdom!